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Merry Christmas everyone!!!! Thank you all !!!
[12/30/18]   Happy new year everyone!!!! Love to you all!!!
Dearest friends and clients. My best friend and her family had to be evacuated this morning. In Hawaii. Also, other friends of ours are now homeless. Due to the lava. I am going to start a β€œ loose change fund” for them. Just what ever is in the bottom of your purse, under the seat cushions.. will be appreciated.
They have lost everything.
And I want to help.
Thank you. And aloha!
[05/13/18]   Happy Mother’s Day to all my beautiful mommy clients!!! Fur moms, included!!! Have a wonderful day!!!πŸ’πŸŒΈπŸŒΈπŸŒΈ
[11/23/17]   Happy thanksgiving!!!! Love all of you beautiful people!!!
Lovely brunettes!!
Beautiful before and afters from today!!! Thanks ladies!!
Before and after.. thanks Laura!
Today's beautiful people!
Love the fall.. and these people..
Love my career!!!
[09/26/17]   So.... I just blew out my own hair. And... I tell ya- that is a task! And I don't even have that much hair!

And it made me think... if I can't do it (and I have been a hairstylist for 27 years...) maybe you're having trouble too????

If you can't do a style that shows your best look... if you're always wearing a pony tail... if you bring out that flat iron.. burning your hair everyday. Just so you can look like that magazine cover...
Sometimes it's not your fault! It may not be YOUR unique hairstyle!!!!!!
Let's figure out a hair plan for YOU!!!!
Have a great day!!!!

It's been a while!!!!!!!!! I love you all. Yesterday... I had the time of my life!!! Being a colorist. I got to witness something above profound in my industry.... just.. wow!!! It doesn't even make sense to me... just.... privana "mood" color...
[05/15/17]   To all my pretty mommy clients... I love you!!! You are doing a great job!!!!!!!!!! You should feel beautiful!!! Because you are! Good job mommy!!!!
[04/02/17]   The front room is 4!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!
Thank you to my awesome clients, past present and future!!!
May you all feel beautiful!!! Thank you for YOU!!! ❀
Before and after from yesterday!!! Thanks Chris!
So... hello everyone!!!! I have been so busy!!! (Thank you!!!) and I am entering a contest called NAHA!!! I have pictures of the last shoot that I did that I am submitting... and I just wanted to share a taste... I will post the others when I have sent them in!
Brian Kirkpatrick... best photo shooter I know.. and the Taylor.. best team EVER!!!! Thank you guys!!!!!
[01/03/17]   It's 2017!! Happy new year!! I would like to thank ALL my beautiful clients for a great 2016!
Are you ready for a change? Let me know how I can help you with your new look!!! Love to you all!!!
Merriest Christmas wishes to all my clients!!! I love you all!!! I hope your "Christmas hair" still looks great tomorrow!!! πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽπŸŽβ­οΈβ­οΈ
Love this guy!!!! One of my best clients!!!
[12/02/16]   Happy holidays everyone!!! Love to all!!!
The amazing Hillary!!!!
Oh.. And who can forget.. The lovely Christine!!!
Had the best day today! And did a makeover! Just look at this beauty!!! Thank you Heather!!!
Sam Villa Professional I can think of a few people that need to see this... A quick tip to kick off your week! πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ
Tag and share ❀️
[10/02/16]   I'm excited!!!!! 1 week from today!!!!!
How to Apply Hair Products Before Blow Drying Supplying hairdressers around the world with fresh, modern education and high-quality, professional, ergonomic styling tools for a successful and pain free career as a hairdresser!
[09/13/16]   Come see me and get cute!!!!!!
Ok. You have used professional shampoo.. Applied your product of choice- and now the blow drying.. Clients of mine always ask if the hairdryer matters. YES!!! Yes it does!! When choosing a blow dryer, there are 3 most important things:
1: watts. Needs to be at least 1500. This will provide power !

2: a nozzle!!!!! The nozzle attachment concentrates the air flow. This is so important!!! You want to be able to concentrate the air where you are wanting to dry. Only. Otherwise, the other hair will become frizzy!!! Point nozzle down the hair, from the scalp!! Again- to avoid frizz.

3: speaking of frizz... A cold shot button!!!! After you have achieved your look, use the cold shot down the hairs length to provide shine!!! This will also lock in your style!!

The blowdryer I like?? It may be a bit more expensive- but, believe me, you WILL see a difference!!!! Order through me!!! 😘
Happy Labor Day!!!! Don't get too crazy!!!! Love to you all!!!
The Best Bangs for Your Face Shape Let's cut to it
I love all of my beautiful clients!! I did some fun hair today, and yesterday!!! Here is a fun before and after...
[08/27/16]   I want to start a contest!!!! When I do your hair.. Post your best before and after photo to this page!!! Along with a review... The best before and after , and review.. will receive a free haircut!! Good luck!!! You are all so beautiful !!!!
[08/22/16]   Ok.. So now you have shampooed and conditioned your hair. Did you know that there are styling products that help create your look? If you want curls, beach waves, a little texture, no frizz, straight and sleek.. Etc.. There are products for that! Just as stated with shampoo and conditioner, some products for staying are better! Professional styling products have the best quality ingredients, and are concentrated. Giving you the look you want- without buildup! I love Redken, and pureology.. What is your favorite go to hair product?? And remember : if we change your haircut.. You may need a different styling product!! Have a beautiful day!!!

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