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Laura's new RED!
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Mobile Uploads
Today I used neu Volume surf lotion. Put a nickel size on wet hair. I loved the volume and it dried faster! I love NUEMA!
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Masquerade #vanessa #vanessaharmon
[09/09/13]   Thank you #marybehindthechair
#Schwarzkopf my love!!!!
[09/09/13]   #transitionalcolor is the trend #ombre is in but it is #shifting
[09/09/13]   The lingo for 2013
Loved #redkin
Nashville# behindthechair
[05/04/13]   From Kim Vo
"1. Ask your client, “What is your fantasy look?” It’s important to determine the result she’s picturing so that you can meet her expectations with the best color placement.
2. Does she want her blonde to “whisper, talk or shout?” This will help you gauge the levels of brightness and lightness that she has in mind.
3. Be prepared! Review your client’s previous color formulas (you should be keeping records!) and come up with a plan—together." Bullard CUT A THON: Cut A Thon Cut-A-Thon… If you are interested in donating, please sign up with your name, phone # and email address! We will be holding a school wide Cut-A-Thon, Monday, April 29, 2013. It will be from 2-6pm. We are doing this event in honor of one of our own Bullard kids that fought cancer this year.…
[04/26/13]   We are so close to summer!!!! The kids informed me 19 days of school. When you are in the sun remember to condition your hair. Wet, towel dry, and slather your hair in conditioner before going into the pool or ocean. This keeps your hair from absorbing as much chlorine and salt.
Have fun!!!!
[04/10/13]   When shampooing try to cleanse your scalp only with the shampoo. The suds will cleanse the rest of the hair. Scrubbing the ends only causes damage and will dry the hair.

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