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Short and Sassy 🖤 #behindthechair #razzledazzlesalon
She wanted a smoked out dark root with icy blonde ends ♥️ #behindthechair #razzledazzlesalon
This blonde is breathtaking 😍 #behindthechair #razzledazzlesalon
Gorgeous transformation ♥️ #behindthechair #razzledazzlesalon
Dark rose gold ♥️ #behindthechair #razzledazzlesalon
My little girl is birthday ready ♥️ Her birthday is Friday and she’ll be 21 🥺 I can’t believe it! I love you Kadebird ♥️ I’m here for you always and you’ll always be my baby ♥️ #behindthechair #razzledazzlesalon
She wanted to warm up her blonde a little, so I did highs and lows using a tease method.No root shade. Gorgeous ♥️ #behindthechair #razzledazzlesalon
Dusty rose brown ♥️ Video coming soon on how I created this beautiful head of hair! #behindthechair #razzledazzlesalon
Fall blonde ♥️ #behindthechair #razzledazzlesalon
One beautiful blonde ♥️ #behindthechair #razzledazzlesalon
This hair is just gorgeous ♥️ #behindthechair #razzledazzlesalon
New Mommy Hair 💕 #behindthechair #razzledazzlesalon
She wanted a natural look. Something to go with her dark hair. I did a tease balayage on her hair. Then toned. She loved the color ♥️ #behindthechair #razzledazzlesalon
Madison wanted more of a butter blonde with a thin money piece of platinum ♥️ her hair is goals ♥️ #behindthechair #razzledazzlesalon
Blonde dreams ♥️ #behindthechair #razzledazzlesalon
My client came today and showed me some inspiration pics and showed me a pic of a coffee drink. She said I really like these colors. After we got done, she said, it’s looks just like that drink! She loved it ♥️
It’s the bangs for me 😍 Working on going lighter ♥️ #behindthechair #razzledazzlesalon
Oh my ♥️ #behindthechair #razzledazzlesalon
A fun color hue 🖤 #behindthechair #razzledazzlesalon
My most proudest accomplishments in life. My two beautiful children♥️ I love them more than anything in this world. God blessed us with the most precious children. They both have the sweetest personalities and the sweetest hearts 💕 Thank you Jesus for my children ♥️ Kade and Jude will always have my heart ♥️
Maleficent 🖤💜
Jude the Tabby Cat and Kade the Scarecrow 🖤 If you notice in the second pic of Jude a rainbow is going across him. That’s Momma ♥️ I also found a penny right outside of my car today ♥️ Sweet reminders from heaven ♥️
Maleficent 🖤 sneak peak 🖤
Razzle Dazzle Salon
Razzle Dazzle Salon
I’m so in love with this hair ♥️ Curtain bangs and beautiful hues ♥️😭😍 #behindthechair #razzledazzlesalon
Period 💁🏼‍♀️ #razzledazzlesalon
Happy Halloween Eve 🦄🎃
Happy Halloween 🎃 Eve from the Razzle Dazzle Girls ♥️ #razzledazzlesalon
Omg 😍😍 #behindthechair #razzledazzlesalon
Oh, oh, oh, it’s MAGIC ♥️ Just kidding! It’s all about education! Never stop learning! #behindthechair #razzledazzlesalon
Just a heads up ♥️ #razzledazzlesalon
This ginger is everything ♥️ And has just a hint of purple 💜 #behindthechair #razzledazzlesalon
She wanted Bold and Chunky ♥️#behindthechair #razzledazzlesalon
Mocha hues from Prorituals is one of my favs ♥️#behindthechair #razzledazzlesalon

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