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‘Tis the Season🎄#wellausa #wellafamily❤️ #wellaprofessional #wellahair 10 Tips to Maintaining a Healthy Scalp You should take care of your scalp as well as your hair. You might not realize that if you’re experiencing problems with your hair, the problem often really comes from the scalp. Your scalp is actually an extension of your face, but because it’s covered up with hair, we tend not to think about it as being as important. We all have routines for our fac...
The best Balayage painter in the biz. So grateful to have learned from her.
So grateful for this beautiful community.
They truly light up my life. Thank you all for the love and compassion. Sharing , learning, teaching, inspiring one another . What a gift. I am blessed and bountiful. And love you all❣️
Whose excited for 🎃 Halloween 👻?
I love a 🔥! #smores #scottdalehairstylist #whoneedsabreak #
Ready to pick 🍎❣️🍁🍎
Love the mountains ⛰. Love this lady!
Set for the season! #wellahair #highlightshair #scottdalecolorist #Hairstylesin Scottdale #scottdalehairsalon #wellacolortouch #blondorwella #blondorplex #haircutsinscottdale
Ready for the Fall Season 🍁🐿🍂🍄#wellafamily #wellahair #wellablondorplex🆕 #wellaprofessional #scottdalecolorist #scottdalehairdresser #wellacolortouch
Jayne Wallace
Balayage . Jayne Wallace Hair | Balayage | Video Tutorial Such a tremendous loss in our color industry.
The Queen of Balayage has made her transition.
Jayne Wallace was only 43years old. She leaves her husband and children here on earth. But , she will live on in the hearts of all of us who loved her.
She was a wonderful educator. And if you ever wanted to learn the art of Balayage, there is no one better to learn from. You can purchase her video here, on her link. And, like myself, your balayage will never be the same.
Thank you Jayne, for sharing your light, heart, talent and friendship with so many around the world.
We will miss you so.
💔 Video Tutorial Education Balayage with Jayne Wallace
Ready for Fall! Add some color to wear with those masks, y’all! #wellahair #wellaprofessional #wellablondor #wellacolor #wellatoner #hairdresserinDecatur#redheadsofinstagram #redheads #haircolortrends #hairdye #hairgoals #fallfashion #fallcolors #autumnvibes🍁 #autumncolors #autumn🍁 #hairdo # hairtylesinScottdale #hairdressersinScottdale#haircuts #haircutsinScottdale
Whose ready for some Fall color?

No color or cut for 18 months!
Forbici is open. Celebrating 40 years in business!
Following all CDC and State Board guidelines.
Masks are required. There will only be one client allowed in the salon at a time.
Please wash you hair before you come as we are not allowed to shampoo or blow dry clue hair at this time. Unless you are having color done. You can be assured that Marty is doing everything possible to keep clients safe at all times. And disinfecting takes place before and after every client.
We look forward to serving all of your hair are needs.
Please call to schedule an appointment appointment.
Thank you for so many years of your support!🙏♥️✌🏼🤟🏼🖖🙏
Back to blonde for summer!
#wellahairusa #wellaartist #wellasalonprofessional #wellapassionistausa #scottdale #atlantahairstylist #haircolour #balayageombre #balayagehair #blondegirl #blondeshavemorefun
Summertime! Iced tea , anyone?
Learning everything possible to keep you safe.
Timeline Photos
Teased Hair Salon Gotta laugh! Keeping 6ft and washing hair tutorial.... Because we gotta find some humor in this mess
#teasedhairsalon #hairsalon #hairlife #hairdresser #salonlife #salonhumor #matrix #matrixsalon #jacksonville #jville #ilovejax #igersjax #iknowjax #jaxsalon #orangpark #orangeparksalon #op #ophs #rhs #mhs #socialdistancing #corona #covid_19 #6feet Order Marty Kennedy eGift Cards Give the gift of Forbici For Hair with a special eGift Card! Order Marty Kennedy eGift Cards online and give the perfect gift. Send gift cards instantly to anyone. Powered by Square Gift Cards
Anyone for coffee?
#Wellafamily #Wellalove
Some beautiful Forget Me Nots for our friends!
#Wellalove #Wellafamily
It’s Cherry 🍒 Blossom Season!
#Wellalove #Wellafamily
Miss Airstream Heartbreaking. AMERICAN NURSE — please watch this video to the end.

I wish I wasn’t emotional, but that would’ve made me a horrible nurse over the last twelve years.

I’ve worked for some of the best hospitals in the country — I have seen life and death — I have been blessed beyond measure by my patients and their families. But right now, America’s finest healthcare providers are front and center, unprotected without enough supplies. What I really want to say, is that we’re about to get our asses handed to us, but that seems unlike me because I don’t swear very often. Or at all really.

I’m afraid people don’t know this and I don’t want to scare you, but I’m scared.

This video is how this feels, right now — today. To me. I don’t know if I’m right, I don’t know if I’m wrong, I question myself and wonder if I’m over reacting and I bet not everyone feels like I do or thinks like I think. I could face disciplinary action or lose my job for this — but it’s just what’s happening inside my heart.

America, please, please — help us. I promise, we’ll be here for you the entire way.

Nurse Jacqueline A. Cederberg

(Also, if I do lose my job for posting this video — I’m going to get a food truck, but it’s going to be “Nurse Jaci’s Mimosa truck.” It will be sparkly & I promise you the best mimosas. **I tried to make this a little light hearted with the mimosa truck part and I hope I don’t lose my job. Edit: I didn’t realize I touch my face until I saw me on camera — I’m embarrassed, but I’m aware now and being careful. Still — please take time to listen. We need you. ❤️) OLAPLEX - Repair, Protect, & Strengthen Hair If you need Olaplex products , you can order direct. I make a small commission on all sales.
Thank you for helping my salon , at this difficult time. I am not making any money. And do not qualify for any help!
I am grateful to all of you.
Stay safe and well. Go beyond the surface with the only system that rebuilds broken hair bonds.
We are so very grateful for all of our Forbici Friends!
And hope all of you are safe and well. When this all blows over, I will be so grateful to do all of my wonderful guys and gals!
I will be closed until the All Clear is given.
I love you all!
May we interest you in an Aperol Spritz?
#Wellafamily #Wellalove #WellaColor
It’s a wonderful time of year for a beautiful new color!
How about a nice Bordeaux?
#WellaColor #Wellafamily #WellaLove
Happy birthday Barbie!! And thanks for helping me to learn what my calling is. All I ever wanted to do , is cut her hair!!!
Depth and tone. #Highlights #lowlightsandhighlights #decaturhairstylist #scottdalehairstylist #decaturcolorist #scottdalecolorist #bobhairstyles
Beautiful Brown. #wellahair #wellaprofessional #wellacolortouch ##wellafamily

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