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Courtney at Restored Hair Studio Ok I promise this is my last PLEASE READ post for a while and we will get back to pictures! So..Covid 🤮..first off THANK YOU so much to all of the clients who have canceled their appointments when they thought they might have been exposed, were exposed, or who were positive. PLEASE continue to do so. My fear is not of the fear is of having to quarantine and what a NIGHTMARE that would be to reschedule 🤯 The busiest season is upon us. And if one hairstylist has to quarantine..or tests positive..we all will have too 😱 Are we lenient on masks? Yes we are, but we are TRUSTING each of you to not put us at risk. If you think there is any chance at all that you’ve been exposed please cancel!! I WILL get you back in, I promise I won’t let you go to Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas Eve service with your roots out for everyone to see.

Ok..back to pictures of gorgeous hair! ❤️❤️❤️
[10/22/20]   ⭐️ Did you know at Restored Hair Studio we are all independent stylist within the same building?! 😃 The easiest way to book your appointment is to reach out to your preferred stylist individually ❤️ New clients who aren’t sure who they would like to see please call the salon or send us a message and we will get you matched with the perfect stylist for you 😊 See below for the best contact info ⬇️

⭐️ Heather: 770-599-6560 (this is the salon)

⭐️ Courtney: 470-233-1244 (text) also find pictures of her work on her page Courtney at Restored Hair Studio

⭐️ Timeri: 678-464- 7010 (text) find picture of her work on Instagram at Hair By Timeri

⭐️ Brooke: 770-599-6560 call or message her directly through fb, also find pictures of her work on her page: Brooke at Restored Hair Studio

⭐️ Jaylee: 404-456-3781 (text)

⭐️ Whitney: 931-626-7352 (call or text)
Courtney at Restored Hair Studio She said, “Let’s go warmer for fall!” 🍁 So that’s what we did! 🥰

#nofilters #hairbycourtney #restoredhairstudio #senoia #senoiahairstylist #balayage #fallhair
Courtney at Restored Hair Studio I LOVE a good before & after! Y’all the last time this client had her hair done was by me..FOUR YEARS AGO 🤪 This time I took a “during” pic also to show the power of a well formulated toner 😍😍 No filters

#hairbycourtney #restoredhairstudio #nofilters #senoia #senoiahairstylist
Courtney at Restored Hair Studio This is why I’m not scared to go grey..I’m actually looking forward to it...because this what we can do with it 😍 This sweet client is probably 80% grey/white and we work with it instead of against it...and it’s beautiful! 💁🏼‍♀️

#nofilters #hairbycourtney #senoia #senoiastylist #localstylist
Experienced Stylist position available at our new location on Main Street in Senoia. Come work with a fabulous group of girls in our busy, bright and airy, free of drama, full of fresh air studio!!...You will love the new exhaust ventilation system that filters out chemicals, germs and whatever else! 678.641.7524 Heather
Courtney at Restored Hair Studio Seamless blend 👌🏼 No filters ✅ Low maintenance ❤️

#hairbycourtney #nofilters #restoredhairstudio #senoia #senoiahairstylist #localstylist #balayage
Courtney at Restored Hair Studio I was so happy to be apart of this sweet client’s big day ☺️ I think Maddie was a freshman in college when I first met her and now she has graduated and is MARRIED 🤗 I wish her and her husband a lifetime of happiness ❤️❤️

Venue: Sweet Meadow Farms and Homeplace
Photography: Haley Terrell Photography
Courtney at Restored Hair Studio Good morning 🌞!! See these pictures? Same girl, same exact time, first 2 pictures are from the natural light of the window, the other two are from artificial light! 😯 Big difference right?!

#NOFILTERS #hairbycourtney #senoia #restoredhairstudio #babylights #blondehair
Courtney at Restored Hair Studio Love love all this dimension! We should have taken a before picture...she actually came in blonde! We added lowlights, a few highlights for blending, and a fresh toner to bring her back closer to her natural but still with fun dimension ❤️❤️❤️

#hairbycourtney #restoredhairstudio #66mainst #dimension #lowlights #senoia #senoiaga
Courtney at Restored Hair Studio Y’all know blondes are my favorite 🥰 I did baby lights through out and heavier highlights throughout the front ❤️

#babylights #hairbycourtney #senoia #senoiahairstylist #local #66mainst #redkenseq #nofilters
Brooke at Restored Hair Studio Color correction #redkenbonder#healthyhair
Brooke at Restored Hair Studio Long/short, dark/light, subtle/vibrant,
No matter what look you are going for is within reach.
*Ask about my *New Client * special!
Brooke at Restored Hair Studio What a fabulous change!
Oldies but goodies ❤️❤️ Happy Friyay! 🤗 I took this week off since my oldest was out of school for winter break! So since I wasn’t able to take any pictures this week I thought I’d post some oldies but goodies! Have a great weekend everyone ♥️

🥰🥰 😍🥰
Restored Hair Studio we know everyone is anxious to know what we’re doing in the salon. We are sanitizing and cleaning like crazy! But we have a couple things we need to ask from you also:

⭐️ Please come to your appointment ALONE to minimize the amount of people in the salon at once.

⭐️ I think it goes without saying that if you or anyone in your house is sick or coughing a lot please reschedule.

We are wiping down EVERY station after and in between EVERY client, we have air purifiers, hand sanitizer, Lysol, Clorox wipes, gloves and more! Ultimately your health and our health is more important than our hair so let’s all be smart about this, besides..if we end up on mandatory quarantine no one is going to see your roots anyways 😘♥️
Sophia Garrett at Restored Hair Studio I have an opening tomorrow at 2 if anyone wants it? Text me at (678)570-5288 if u would like it:)
Sophia Garrett at Restored Hair Studio For those of u wanting to get in before Christmas, the only openings I have are tomorrow after 12:30 and Monday the 23rd at 2. I fill up FAST so call or text me at (678)-570-5288 to get in ❤️
Sophia Garrett at Restored Hair Studio I have an opening this Friday at 10 for a color and haircut or a highlight and haircut....text or call me at (678)-570-5288 if u want it!
Missing your cup? We’re cleaning out our “lost and found” area and these are taking up a lot of space! If it’s your please claim it and try to stop by to get it in the next couple days 😊
Sophia Garrett at Restored Hair Studio The only remaining appointment this week is tomorrow at 11, if JUST became available this morning if anyone wants it? Call or text (678)570-5288 to snag it!

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