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[11/21/20]   Looking to shop small businesses? I definitely have some amazing specials going on right now!!!
Buy 2 products get 3rd free!
Purchase a gift card for $100 receive 50% off my styling tools, I have a blowdryer, flat irons, curling wand set (4 sizes) and 1 inch diameter infrared curling irons!!!
I also will have all of my styling brushes for $5

While supplies last.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

#blackfriday #7sisterssalon #phenixsalonsuites #suwaneehairstylist
[11/11/20]   If need to be on my cancellation list please comment below with services needed and availability!
[11/07/20]   Good morning to my lovely and amazing clients,
The salon is closed today in honor of my sweet youngest sister Katrina, who lost her battle with depression 5 years ago today.

If you dont already know, I opened this salon in honor of her (the 7th sister) and named the "KATRINA PACKAGE " as one of the most requested packages.

I appreciate all the support of my clients, especially those who have followed my journey of loss for over 5 years.

Have a blessed day,
Kristin Oliva
[10/24/20]   Last minute opening for Saturday October 24th at 1045am for a haircut! Click the link below to claim ASAP!

[10/21/20]   Thanksgiving is in 5 weeks!
Christmas is in 9 weeks!
Don't forget to schedule your appointments accordingly!
Our sweet little miracle, baby boy Oliva due April 25th 2021! 12w 5d today!
[10/13/20]   Specials for October and November, buy 2 products get 3rd free.
Purchase $100+ gift card get 50% any hot tool in the salon.
All hair masks/conditioning treatments are $20.

[10/12/20]   Please comment below if you want to be on my cancellation list for this week or next week. #7sisterssalon #phenixsalonsuites
This is NOT a before and after...its the difference between in a shadow and in direct sunlight. When you take your pictures of your hair, it will always be brighter in sunlight. #7sisterssalon #phenixsalonsuites #suwaneehairstylist
[09/10/20]   For anyone who referred someone to me since covid (basically March and on) you will receive an additional $10 off your next appointment this year! So if you referred your husband, children, grandparents, mother and friends, you receive the extra referral reward! This offer expires December 31st. So please make sure to schedule your next appointment!

I will be doing more give aways later this week, be sure to invite friends and family to this fb page and share the love!

#7sisterssalon #phenixsalonsuites #suwaneehairstylist
[09/10/20]   Today is my 4 year anniversary of 7 Sisters Salon! I'm so incredibly blessed to be exactly where I'm at. Thank you to everyone who has supported me, encouraged me and believe in me.

I will be posting later today about some exciting new give aways and opportunities for you !

One of them will be a reward for all of my direct new referrals during covid! So if your one of them, check back in soon!

#7sisterssalon #phenixsalonsuites #gwinnettsalon #Suwanee
[09/08/20]   If you need to be one my cancellation list please comment below with services needed and availability! Hope everyone is having a great week!
[08/26/20]   When you have a scheduled appointment, you will receive a automated message 48 and 24 hours in advance. These are DO NOT REPLY. If you respond to that number, I WILL NOT receive it. If you need to cancel that appointment, there is a link attached to the message that you can click on and will take you to fresha and allow you to cancel. Or if you prefer, please send me a text @ 7708432604
I try my best to be in great communication with my clients, if you text me and I dont respond within a few hours, PLEASE check back to make sure I received it. I will always reply.

Thank you and I wish everyone wellness and happiness
Before and after with this beautiful red/auburn color!!! I love when I get to play! #7sisterssalon #auburnhair #auburnhighlights #beforeandafter #licensedtocreate #phenixsalonsuites #colormelting
Before and after, 1st time doing her color and I love the results!!!
[08/04/20]   If you need to be on my cancelation list please comment below with availability and services needed. Thank you!
[08/01/20]   I have made some changes to my pricing. I have worked very hard to keep my prices reasonable and affordable. Because of covid, I have had to absorb extra costs. I have been diligent with cleaning/sanitizing between each client and with that alone, I'm unable to work in as many clients as I used to.

I greatly appreciate my clients and the amazing support I receive from each and every one of you. These prices will be in effect on September 1st. These are all a la carte pricing, not packages. I'm still working on that menu of pricing, but it will always give the client the best deal for services.

Children's cuts are $25 but if you would like a shampoo and blow-dry it will be $35

Shampoo, blow-dry and flat iron will be $40

Woman's cuts will be $50

Men's cuts will remain $45

Full head Foils starts at $95
An extra charge of $25 for every extra bowl of color mixed.

Balayage starts at $105
An extra charge of $25 for every extra bowl of color mixed.

Root color will be $60
An extra charge of $25 for additional color needed.

Low-lights (2nd color added of foils) will be $25 for partial and $35 for full foils.

All over glaze (to add shine or tint hair) starts at $35-50

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Today I actually got to BE a client! Bright blonde again
[07/20/20]   I understand that a lot is going to change for everyone this school year. If you need to reschedule your future appointments due to digital learning I suggest you do so at your earliest convenience. I will always try to do my best to accommodate my clients but preplanning gives us both a better shot at success. I'm sorry that this is an issue at all and I look forward to seeing my clients and taking care of them!

[07/14/20]   Please comment below if you need to be on my cancellation list. Please state what services you need and availability!
[07/14/20]   If you or a family member are a high risk person, but would like to schedule an appointment. I suggest scheduling for a Monday/especially Monday morning, I'm usually one of the only salon suite owners in the morning and its always very minimal amount of people who are working. Also, there's always a great parking spot;)

Have a great week my friends!
[07/03/20]   Beginning of day 1 is first video, and end of day 1 is the second. I'm definitely Impressed by the products. Crunchi is the brand and the standard of their products are amazing! If you want to check out the Chruni brand, I will share a link below 👇👇👇♥️
[06/29/20]   New availability!!

I just opened up my schedule for Monday July 6th, I was originally supposed to be on a cruise for the weekend and return monday...but you know.. covid 19.
[06/24/20]   I do this in the salon for an additional $15 charge! Come in and get your blonde refreshed and moisturized!
[06/19/20]   To update my clients (and potential clients) I am still following the state guidelines, happily. You wear a mask, I wear a mask. I clean everything down between each appointment and I do everything I can to limit your exposure to any unwanted contact. I open the front door when you come in, my salon suite door and when you leave I walk you out. I recommend you stay in your can and text me when you arrive, so you dont have to sit out in the hot sun...even if it's for a few minutes. I'm keeping the salon at a cooler temperature to ensure your comfort level since the mask can make you feel hotter. I'm taking your temp via no touch forehead infrared thermometer (anything over 99.1 I have to send away) and I personally spray hand sanitizer in your hands to make sure your good to go. There is a lot of other things I'm doing but for the most part, you get what I'm saying.

I've been extremely grateful for all the new clients and referrals because of the trust my clients have in me. I'm so incredibly grateful to be where I'm at.

Salon is stocked !!! Need any products? Let me know , heres my inventory to check it out. Specials will be in the comments.
Does anyone remember when I asked for prayers for the client "R" ?! Well last week she came in for her 1st haircut since last August when she got her "chemo cut" praise God she is cancer free and FREAD IS DEAD!!! #7SISTERSSALON
Supporting small businesses? Heres the perfect items to purchase from my talented friend Anna! I am selling these at my salon, the barrett's are individually priced and on alligator clips. I wear the masks she makes all day long and I can breathe!!! Adult masks are $10 and kids are $8 #7sisterssalon #phenixsalonsuites #masks
[06/03/20]   If you need to be on my cancellation list please comment below with availability and services needed
Heres a super easy braid called the "snake braid" #7sisterssalon
Another beautiful look to play with! #7sisterssalon
Heres a variety of options to use the topsy tail technique. #7sisterssalon
Nothing like waking up on your 36th birthday will nasty grey hairs...good thing I'm licensed to create
Happy mother's day to all my beautiful clients! So many of you have been so encouraging and supportive of me and my own journey being a new mother and a stepmother and I'm so incredibly grateful for you all!
Are you or your kids wanting to do something fun that's temporary? Heres a kit you can purchase from me that you can apply at home and it will wash out. I have purple to pink, black to lilac and blue to teal for $15.90!!! #7sisterssalon #phenixsalonsuites #punkycolour

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