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[07/10/20]   Regular exposure to chlorinated swimming pools can cause significant damage to your hair. Disinfectants, in general, are used to break down and remove dirt, oil, and bacteria. Our scalps naturally produce oil to protect hair from damage and daily wear. Stripping the oil from your hair in a pool on a regular basis can cause over drying, increased porosity, and in some cases pretty significant damage if you don't take steps to prevent and treat your hair for chlorine exposure.

How to Prevent Chlorine-Damaged Hair
You can do a few things immediately before and after you hit the pool to prevent chlorine from damaging your beautiful locks.
Saturate Your Hair with Water. Before you enter the pool, rinse your hair with clean tap water to saturate your hair. Have you ever noticed that a sponge will only absorb so much water, and once it's full the water just runs off? Your hair is similar to a sponge. If you saturate your hair with clean tap water, your hair will be less likely to absorb as much of the chlorinated water in the pool.
Use a Swim Cap. If you're doing a lot of swimming or are concerned about damage, a swim cap can make a world of difference. Try out a silicone swim cap as it is lightweight, breathable, and won’t snag your hair.

Rinse, rinse, rinse. After you exit the pool, a good clean rinse in the shower will start the process of removing the chlorine from your hair. In fact, it's a good idea to rinse your hair often with clean water while swimming to keep flushing the chlorine and chemicals out.
Shampoo. Shampooing your hair immediately after chlorine exposure is the best way to remove the bulk of the chlorine and stop the damage it may be causing to your hair. Some shampoos are specially made to help remove chlorine and are a great idea for regular swimmers.
Moisture/Protein Balance. Just as important as removing the chlorine, you have to replace the moisture and protein that the chlorine strips from your hair as soon as possible. It's important to condition your hair well after shampooing, and I highly recommend a leave-in protein conditioner to soothe dry, frazzled hair and prevent split ends.
[07/08/20]   Hair tips:

If you're using shampoo every time you shower, stop what you're doing immediately. The process dries out your hair, making it hard to achieve shiny, moisturized strands. Instead, use a little dry shampoo or go for a chic low-pony on days you're feeling a little greasy: If you can, the least amount of days is every other day, but longer if you can.

[12/05/19]   If you're guilty of washing your hair every day, it's time to make a change to your winter hair care routine. Over washing your hair will strip it of its vital natural oils that keep the hair moisturized and protected, which are more important than ever during the colder months.

Try to extend the period between your washes as much as possible until you find the perfect time period for your hair—if you usually wash your hair every other day, try every two days. If you find your hair is still lacking moisture, try every three days. To help this transition process, use dry shampoo between washes to keep your hair smelling and looking fresh ❤️
Hair by Andrea at Horizon Hair Studio
Hair by Andrea at Horizon Hair Studio
[02/06/19]   👉🏻5 TIPS on getting LONG, HEALTHY HAIR! 👏👏👏
✨1. Good Shampoo & Conditioner bought from a Salon & not a general store like (Amazon, Target, Walmart). -I’ll talk about the topic on Diversion on a later post-If the Shampoo & Conditioner is bought from a salon, make sure it is Sulfate Free! (color safe is not the same as sulfate free)If you’re unsure, look on the back of the shampoo bottle at the 2nd ingredient after “Aqua”, if it says “Sodium Laurel Sulfate” DO NOT USE!!! That is the stripping agent that will strip your color and the good oils out of your hair! If you invest 💰 in your hair, you will need to invest in good products to keep it looking its best!
✨2. Styling Products!!! At least for my non-product users, always start out with a good leave in conditioner. It is your daily vitamin for your hair. Then I would suggest a styling aid (example: if you want smooth, frizz free hair, get some type of smoothing cream or if you want volume, get a volume cream or spray to achieve your look of choice)
✨3. DO NOT WASH your HAIR every day! A lot of people complain that they have to wash their hair every day because they get to oily. Well, the reason you get to oily is that you are washing every day! Crazy right? Every time you wash your hair, your oil glands keep reproducing and are replenishing from your daily hair washing. So therefore, you’re producing a lot of oils. So start by washing every other day and using a good dry shampoo. You should notice a change within two weeks!
✨4. LIMIT your HEAT Source! Big one right here❗️ If you absolutely need to blow dry your hair, wait until your hair is air dried about 90% of the way and then fluff it up with the blow dryer. But never HOT heat! Always use medium or cool. You will slowly kill your hair and make it brittle and dry if you keep up with the blow drying!
✨5. NEVER go more than 10-12 weeks without a Haircut/Trim! Once you get split ends, there’s no way to repair them unless you trim them off. If you do not trim them off, they will travel up the hair shaft and break OFF!

Hair by Andrea at Horizon Hair Studio


Beautiful girl, and fun summer hair!
Summer blonde, hand painted hair and gorgeous!
Hair by Andrea at Horizon Hair Studio's cover photo

Happy Mother’s Day to all my fabulous clients! Being a mama is the greatest blessing in the world for sure!
Summer fun and color melting 💇🏻‍♀️
A beautiful color on my gorgeous client Beth ❤️
Getting to be creative and design fun hair, it’s my favorite! Thanks Kimi ❤️
My beautiful client and her summer blonde, we both LOVE it!
Hair by Andrea at Horizon Hair Studio What Happened When 3 Women With Totally Different Hair Types Tried Pineappling I've been sharing this style technique with my clients for years! I didn't know it had a name 😬 Why you should try pineappling tonight.
[04/09/18]   Y'all have seriously got to start using coconut oil on you hair (and skin), it really helps your scalp and those dry color treated ends. Trust me and here's why it works.....
Because the lauric acid in coconut oil has a low molecular weight, it allows the oil to actually penetrate the hair shaft, nourishing the hair with vitamins, minerals and the medium-chain fatty acids. Coconut oil is a fabulous way to give your hair this healthy boost it needs because it is rich in antioxidants, and has antifungal and antibacterial properties. So, it leaves the hair feeling not only moisturized but clean, too. And while many of our shampoos, conditioners and other hair products tend to be full of harmful chemicals and toxins, coconut oil is 100% natural and seriously good for your hair and scalp. You can use coconut oil as an intensive overnight hair treatment, using about 2 tbsp, or as an everyday hair oil, using just about ¼ teaspoon. I recommend using extra virgin organic coconut oil (which you can find at your local market) as a great chemical-free hair conditioning treatment replacement.
It's good stuff!
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[02/17/18]   Keep your tools on low heat, if you're worried about color fading and damage. The fading starts with aggressive heat. You don’t need to have your tools on high heat, especially after bleaching your hair. We don’t even cook our food with temperatures that high, or you will burn your food. So please turn down your styling tools, including your blow dryers.
Hair by Andrea at Horizon Hair Studio's cover photo

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Hair by Andrea at Horizon Hair Studio
[01/02/18]   During the winter months, it's a great idea to treat your hair once a week to a deep conditioning treatment. This will help to replenish the moisture, which tends to get depleted from things such as the dry heat in your home and the cold winter air.

Hair by Andrea at Horizon Hair Studio

Hair by Andrea at Horizon Hair Studio

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