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Plan any appointments through December now weekend appointments are very limited at this moment and I will not be in the salon between Christmas and New Year.
I have opening for a color tomorrow Wednesday October 27th or a couple of haircuts starting at 11 a.m. if you're needing to get in and haven't been able to please send me a message
Browns should never be boring. Go for warm chocolate!
Balayage making things bright!
Limited availability this week then booked until the week of October 27th book now at
Grown our hilight reversal back to natural
Trial run on a wedding do
Soft stacked blonde bob with partial hilights
Sometimes you just need to change it up, swipe for before
Another dimensional look for fall warm brown with a little golden blonde
Another fun cool blonde to purple transition locked in with a keratin treatment
It's been a fun week of color starting with with Sunkist warm Brown I like to keep my colors dimensional.
[09/25/20]   Last minute color opening available tomorrow at 12 30 send me a text or a message if you're interested in it Elton John - I'm Still Standing 2 years ago today was the first day that I worked in my new Salon Suites as a self-employed business owner What followed that was amusingly two of the most challenging years of my life I say amusingly because I remember distinctly when I first was talking about doing this speaking to my brother and saying to him "but what if something goes wrong" well it did and then it did it again and and then it did again.

Now I stand here truly a different person I've developed more meaningful relationships with all of you I've learned that I'm not alone in this world no matter how lonely I may feel at any given point in time I've learned that people care but Above All I've learned that I can. All of those lessons are thanks to you my beautiful clients I want you to know that I value you and appreciate your business your input your perspectives your referrals and your love.

This is now my theme song. Now in 4K! The video for "I'm Still Standing" was directed by Russell Mulcahy and filmed in Cannes and Nice, France. It is the second single from Elton's 198...
This was the end result
Im experimenting today
[04/28/20]   I have a couple of openings this week if anyone needs to get in. Please just message me here or send me a text.
[04/22/20]   Hello all my valued and missed clients.

So our Governor has given us the big thumbs up to open. I am not fully on board with the idea that its is 100% safe to do so, In face I am not sure we will be really safe for quite some time to come. I am however doing a VERY SOFT opening.

What does this mean? It means that I am going to be working extremely reduced appointments in the same amount of time I used to work, Most of the appointment times I am willing to work in the next week or so are taken however there are a very few available if you absolutely HAVE to get in. If this is the case message me as I have online booking blocked off until the first week in May.

Please feel free to book in May but understand that I will be extending times to give myself time to disinfect between clients so there may be some time adjustments happening to your booked appointments. I will be sure to contact you if I have to shift your time.

Phenix Salon Suites has been so unbelievably amazing through all this and we all want you to be as safe as is possible in this situation. Understand there is no way to social distance while doing hair so services are at your own risk (and mine)

For this reason the following precautions are in place which will have to be followed for every customer who enters the building.

-You will not be able to enter the building unless I let you in.
When you arrive send me a text or give me a call so I know you are there, when I have safely cleaned the suite after my previous client I will come to the door to get you.
-There will be no double booking and this includes family.
- If you are sick please cancel.
- Everyone will need to wear a face mask while in the building. (You will need to provide your own facemasks)

I am available by text or phone if you have any questions.

I know many or you are used to bringing in family to be done in between your services. At this time I cannot accommodate this however I know that some of you drive a long way and if you need me to do a family member let me know and we will adjust your appointment time to accommodate your family members too. This being said there can still only be one person in the building at a time.
[04/01/20]   Valued guests.

EDIT just extended to April 30th

There will be a statewide shelter in place in effect as of tomorrow extending through April 13th. For those of you that rescheduled appointments thank you please adjust as needed. I fully expect that this may be extended yet again. I know you are frustrated with your hair and I am frustrated to not be able to help you but I will be there when this is done. Please do not do anything drastic ;).

If you need help or advice on getting through please feel free to email or text me.

We are going to take this day by day together.

Thank you .
[03/27/20]   I miss you all already!

I just got the notice that Gwinnett county has issued a stay at home order Starting at midnight tonight and continuing on until April the 13th.

Because of this I will no longer be doing any services until further Notice. If you have recurring appointments they will continue uninterrupted once we are able to get back to life as usual.

Stay safe, Stay healthy I want to see you all once this resolves.
[03/18/20]   Hi Everyone, Yes its been a while. I wanted to update you all on where I stand on this covid-19 situation.

I am currently and will be in the salon until I am told I legally cannot be. This is a difficult situation but I have ramped up sanitation after each client with both clorox and hospital grade barbacide disinfectant on touch surfaces to protect you all to the best of my ability. Phenix Salon Suites has an air recycling system that recycles all air every 2 hours for clean air and is being proactive about monitoring the people waiting in the halls as well as ramping up sanitation in bathrooms communal door handles and such. There is of course also the fact that I am in the private room and am minimizing double booking etc although I am also trying my level best to get everyone in that wants their hair done.

To this end I am extending hours where I need to although I am not just *hanging out* at the salon during downtime. Because I deal with the public and I have no control over people I cannot guarantee that there will never be anyone in my suite that has been exposed to the virus. That is the fact of what we are currently dealing with. I am aware of the risk and am HAPPY to service you as long as you are aware of your own risks as well. If you are a high risk guest please do what you need to for your own safety.

I will be here when you feel safe.

If you book online and do not hear from me I will be there to take care of your hair needs. I will make sure you know if I am forced to close .

Stay safe but come see me if you hair has needs! Order Seabdinor llc eGift Cards Did you wait too long last minute gift of beauty will save the day Order Seabdinor llc eGift Cards online and give the perfect gift. Send gift cards instantly to anyone. Powered by Square Gift Cards
Fun colorful day with an amazing friend
A year ago on June the 23rd, I started working in my new space.

What a year it has been ... I spent a long time telling myself all the reasons why I couldn't go into my own space not the least of which was what if something apocalyptic happens.

Well it did and I'm still here. I did not know a year ago what an amazing move this would be, I did not know how integral to my well being it would be to have my own space but most of all I have learned through this past year how amazing all of you, my incredibly loyal massively supportive beautiful clients are.

This year has taught me so many things. I have developed renewed relationships with each one of you which I feel could not have been possible if it was not for the suite. You have supported me in ways I never could have even begun to imagine and I feel humbled and honored that you allow me to continue to help you with the image you present to the world.

I have learned that the salon suite concept through Phenix Salon Suites Suwanee, GA is about community, education, professionalism and it is such an absolute pleasure to surround myself with like minded professionals. I want to extend extreme gratitude to Nicole Grot, Karen Skinner Perry and Pam Stalvey for the incredible support they offer the salon professionals. Without the support you three have given I would have crumbled.

The plans I had for this business did not pan out the way I originally thought, however, If I can make it though this past year I can make it though anything. I have dreams and hopes to grow and I will once the current roller coaster ride comes to a halt.

But know that you all have my sincere gratitude and that I acknowledge all the support you have given me. Your kindness and listening have touched me very deeply. Next year we will have a party... This year I am simply going to say thank you. Sometimes you just need to brighten things up Sometimes you just need to brighten things up Shared using GoPro
[03/20/19]   Due to a cancelation I have an opening tomorrow (thursday) for a color if anybody needs it. 1 pm
[02/09/19]   I have a last-minute opening today between 11:30 and 1 if anybody needs to get in
To all of my clients with Vivid Hair Color I am playing with a new product line that I discovered this morning that is supposed to help extend the life on vivid's so if I don't use it on you when you come in ask me about it I don't have it to retail yet as you will know I usually like to play with stuff first but if you think you want some let me know before your appointment. Stylist Susan In Suwanee GA | Vagaro The holidays are fast approaching and several folks are trying to get in at the last minute it's best to try to get your appointments booked now and avoid being disappointed that you can't get your time. Remember that you can always look online at I will be taking some personal time off between Christmas and New Year. When you are looking for the Hairstyle, Haircut or Hair-color that truly defines you, that works within your lifestyle and makes you feel empowered at all times, look no further, Whether it is that Up-do for a wedding, prom or other important event, the monthly color touch up, a few Highlights for t...
Modernizing swipe for before @ Susan Abdinor

I really love my new space so very very much it has become my absolute happy space and I look forward to being here for a long time to come
EDIT: I have decided to extend this giveaway by 2 days I will be doing the drawing on Monday that means that you have two more days to get your entries in so do it now!

It's giveaway time... I have finally settled into my new space and while still difficult my life has calmed down slightly so it's time for me to focus on giving back to all of my beautiful clients.

So what are we giving away.
Any current client can win a FREE CUT AND COLOR ($100 value) for both themselves AND a friend who is not currently a client of mine ($200 total) OR for my male clients a free haircut and another free haircut for a friend who is not currently already a client.

To be in the running for this you need to do three things.
1. Like this post
2. Share this post
3. Tag the friend you want to win with you.

I will do the drawing on Facebook live on Friday October 5th.

What if you want to win and you're not already a client. That's okay I will be running a giveaway for new clients only within the next month so like my page so that you can keep up with the updates.
Another fun makeover
I really love it when somebody comes in with challenging hair and I'm able to turn the hair into something Magnificent.#makeover #lob#thickhair#stylistsusan

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